Transform your traditional home into a smart home

We help you adapt the latest technologies for your comfort to enjoy a new and modern lifestyle

Some of the technologies we provide

Smart Lock

  • The ability to create a temporary password for guests.

  • Quick fingerprint entry, where more than 100 different fingerprints can be added.

  • Entry by password.

  • Entry by card, and more than 30 different cards can be added.

  • Traditional key entry.

  • Possibility of unlocking via mobile application


Smart Lightning

  • The ability to turn on and off the lighting via the mobile application.

  • Possibility of controlling the lighting intensity level.

  • Possibility of setting specific times to turn on and off the lighting.

  • The possibility of linking lighting to motion sensors.

  • Possibility of controlling lighting via smart control screens.

  • Possibility of traditional control via lighting buttons.

Smart Air Conditioning

  • The ability to open and close the air conditioner from the mobile phone.

  • Control temperature from mobile.

  • The ability to control the air conditioning via control screens and voice commands


Smart curtains

  • The ability to open and close curtains from the application or via voice commands.

  • The ability to set specific times for automatic opening and closing of curtains

Monitoring system

  • External and indoor cameras with resolutions starting from 5 megapixels and above.

  • External cameras are designed to resist weather factors such as water, dust, and heat.

  • Supports night vision.

  • High resolution allows images to be enlarged and details read.

  • Possibility of remote monitoring via the application or monitoring screens.