Rawaj IT Co.

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Our Services

Construction of technical infrastructure

  • Installation of fiber optic cables and communication cabinets

  • Choosing the best performing and most affordable equipment according to each project.

  • Installing and connecting devices using the best toplogies and engineering structures according to the site and project.

  • Operating devices and performing the necessary software interventions and configurations.

  • Learn about one of the applications of this service for individuals: Smart Home


Maintenance and operation of systems, devices and networks

  • Improving and maintaining existing networks and infrastructure in institutional and individual facilities.

  • Updating all applications and equipment according to the existing project.

  • Optimize and extend software applications with performance and clean code in mind.

  • Transfer a web application from one hosting to another and configure all the necessary settings.

Technical Support

  • Providing specialized technical consultations to individuals and institutions.

  • Subscription services and preparation of applications necessary for projects (educational, health, accounting, etc.)


Web Design and Development

  • Logo and visual identity design (if not available)

  • Planning and implementing customized integrated web applications, including facility management applications

  • Elegant, professional designs compatible with all devices with Focus on security and performance to ensure speed and scalability of the wesites

  • Producing websites compatible with search engines so that they appear in the first search results

  • Building the necessary infrastructure for successful e- marketing, including metadata for website pages and its generation by the server (SSR).

  • Custom domain and email addresses for your business, in addition to other services upon request

  • The possibility of adding versions of the website in English, Turkish, and German upon request

  • The possibility of adding electronic payment service through the website

Mobile application development

  • Producing secure, clean code that is seamlessly scalable

  • Elegant designs and easy-to-use interfaces

  • Focus on performance such as speed, low power and low memory consumption

  • Upload the application to famous stores such as Google Play and Apple Store


Data analysis and AI services

  • Using statistics and data mining to discover patterns in existing data and give the best suggestions to improve marketing and selling methods.

  • Building project-specific machine learning and deep learning models to make predictions about new data.

Some of Our Projects


E-Learning Platform

Where we designed and developed a full web app for education platform.

The platform contains paths and rooms where the student can take his/her personal notes directly within the room, and he/she can also participate in the discussion page for each room. In addition to user's profile page and control panel.

We have applied gamification and competition techniques to motivate students and push them to continue the learning paths.

Blog Theme

Blog Theme

A jekyll blog template with a sidebar that is compatible with SEO and supports AMP. It displays the reading time of each post, author information, and related posts based on tags, and supports Google statistics and ads.

Mobile Game

Mobile Game

A mobile game with a scenario based on the story of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi. The player goes through several levels, where each level has its own geographical location on the map. The player must control all the areas surrounding Al-Quds according to the historical scenario, finally ending with Al-Quds level. The game was built using one of the famous game engines, so it can be exported to any platform, whether to Google and Apple stores or to the Steam platform and others.

Mobile App

Mobile App

A mobile application was developed with a team of engineers whose goal is to calculate and distribute the costs of living among residents of shared housing. The application was built specifically for Android.

Computer App

Computer App

A simple computer application created at the request of a clinic to convert the process of generating medical reports from primitive software to specialized one, with the aim of speeding up that process and reducing errors resulting from incorrect entries. The application can be exported to any computer operating system.

ERP System

ERP System

Where we contributed to building a huge web application for managing a famous construction company in Malaysia. The app has modules for managing users, assets, and workflow.

About Us

Established in 2012, Rawaj Al- Itqan has experienced consistent growth, marked by frequent success in completing diverse projects. This progress has enabled the establishment to build a solid financial foundation and assemble a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff capable of meeting the rigorous demands of various projects. With years of participation in large-scale projects, the team has accumulated invaluable expertise.


Rawaj Al-Itqan Co. is dedicated to delivering top-notch services and products that adhere to quality standards, aiming to satisfy customers and meet their needs. The company firmly believes in the vital role of human resources in corporate development, thus promoting employee advancement based on qualifications and prudent management. With a focus on expanding current operations and venturing into new activities, Rawaj Al-Itqan Co. strives to offer diverse construction services as either a primary or subcontractor. The company is committed to providing solutions tailored to business needs, aspiring to become a leading organization in terms of quality, punctuality, integrity, and work ethic to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.


Rawaj AlItqan Co. aspires to emerge as a premier entity among construction and trading companies in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, it aims to diversify its portfolio by venturing into complementary fields and activities within the construction sector.